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When college was male: Higher education and the war against women – MinnPost

It should come as no surprise that as higher education in America has become more dominated by women it is facing more disparagement and less support since World War II.
Prior to World War II higher ed was male. Most professors were male, as were most students. Women were generally excluded f…….

“Revamping Reading Education: Hochul Pushes for Changes to Counter Declining Literacy Rates – The New York Times”

Gov. Kathy Hochul proposed on Wednesday a major shift in education policy that could transform the way many schools teach reading across New York, following the lead of other states that have jettisoned methods experts say have left millions of children behind.The proposal comes as education experts…….

Rewritten Title: Governor Cuomo Urges Revamp of Literacy Education to Reverse Drop in Test Results – Fox News

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul aims to prioritize phonics in state schools’ literacy education programs to address low reading scores.A new proposal mandates the state education department to create guidelines based on the science of reading for school districts to implement.New York, like other states…….


No More Teachers: The Epic Crisis Facing Education In 2024 – Forbes

What will the world look like when there are no more educators?
Education staffing will soon reach a tipping pointgetty

Would you counsel a young person you cared about to choose a career in education?

These days, most of us wouldn’t. The systemic issues in education are becoming too massive to …….


Neoliberalism and Education – The American Prospect

Why do some societies try to turn education into a commodity, while others recognize it as a necessary social good? In this interview, Bob Kuttner speaks with Cathie Martin, professor of political science at Boston University and one of the leading U.S. students of Danish social democracy. In …….