College of Education Class of 2021: ‘Drive the Educational Change We Need so All Learners Have a Real Opportunity to Thrive.’ – NC State College of Education

College of Education Class of 2021: ‘Drive the Educational Change We Need so All Learners Have a Real Opportunity to Thrive.’ – NC State College of Education

The NC State College of Education recognized more than 160 graduates during a graduation ceremony on December 14. Below is a recap of the ceremony.

Number of Graduates: 167 students graduated from the College of Education on December 14, 2021, including 37 doctoral students, 122 master’s students and 8 bachelor’s students.

Charge to Doctoral Students: Jacqueline Perry-Higgs, who earned her Ph.D,. in the Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development educational administration and supervision program area of study, delivered the charge to doctoral students, congratulating them on their diligence in completing their degrees and calling on them to be distinguished, observant, conscious, tenacious, operative and restorative—in other words, be a DOCTOR. 

“It is our time to help navigate the direction of education. We are needed in the public schools, we are needed in the colleges and universities, we are needed in the Department of Instruction and Department of Education at the state and federal level, and we are needed in the private sector. Go forth — be a doctor.”

Charge to Master’s and Undergraduate Students:

Savannah Whitehurst Blystone, who earned her Master of Education in New Literacies and Global Learning, delivered the charge to the master’s and undergraduate students, telling them to take chances, continue their journey and add more to their stories.

“I am standing in front of the future leaders of the education field. I hope you continue to learn and grow in this field; after all, education is a journey, not a destination. Let the degree you are awarded today be a starting point for future accomplishments and lessons in your life. Let inspiration guide you and help to light your path ahead. Continue learning. Whether formal or informal lessons, know that you will know more tomorrow than you did yesterday. “

What Interim Dean Paola Sztajn said: 

“Whatever route you take in education, I encourage you to leverage your skills, talents, and experiences — together with the preparation you have received in our college —  to advance diversity, equity and inclusion and to advance the greater good. 

All individuals should have the opportunity to achieve at their highest level, and by graduating from our college, you are joining a strong group of alumni committed to this important mission.

In addition, as you enter or continue your careers in education, please also take the time to invest in yourself and practice self-care. You have chosen to work in a field that is emotionally demanding. So being well is key as you work to impact the lives of others. Our world needs you, especially in these complex times, and I wish you all  the very best in your future endeavors.” 

The Interim Dean’s Parting Words: 

“Do not allow the field of education to return to just what it was. Make it better. Drive the educational change we need so all learners have a real opportunity to thrive. May you go forth and be committed to using your time, energy, and skills to advance the greater good for all those you engage …….